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About Us

Back in 2012, web development was mainly about creating aesthetically pleasing web pages and uploading content onto the world wide web for all to see.

There was however, a large gap between the visitors’ wants and what business websites were providing. Customers would end up navigating endlessly in search for information they need or simply leaving the websites with little to no information.

Frustrated visitors would hardly convert to become customers.

Studious Media recognised and understood that your business’s customers are the most important people and the online experience should be tailored for them.

With that vision, Studious Media created a brand-new approach towards web design & development services.

Firstly, we believe in understanding your business and its products and services to really gather the unique selling features. The benefits that will make you stand out from your competitors and wow your customers.

Next, we’ll examine your target customers and their buying behaviors to create the best user experience and design with your brand in mind.

Satisfied visitors equal happy customers and greater sales!

The Studious Touch

What We Touch Doesn't Turn To Gold, But It Sure Looks Awesome!


A quick chat over the phone and you have already taken your first step to a better website. We talk about the basics, and setup a meeting for further discussion.


Brainstorming over a cup of coffee, our favorite process where there are no stupid ideas and we hammer out the finer details. Your website is starting to take shape in your mind, and we want to make sure we are on the same page.


A first look at your website template, in line with our discussion. After your approval, your website is getting closer to becoming reality. Getting excited yet?


The magic begins! Our developers lock themselves in the office to ensure maximum efficiency. A typical website takes three weeks, while custom coded applications need more time.


Finally, your website has been created, all that remains is a review and debugging session. This is where you voice your concerns, and it’s back to the developers if there are any. When we are both in agreement, it’s time for your website to meet the world!

Launch & Training

The website goes live, but it’s still foreign to you. Fear not, as our friendly developers leave the office to explain how to update and maintain your website. It’s so simple, anyone can do it!


Our support doesn’t end after the launch, we still respond to your calls or emails for any unforeseen issues your website faces.